Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Complaints 'Self Titled EP'

Last night, I dropped by the Tap Room to see Will Bastard. It was his birthday and all of his friends were invited to come hang out and celebrate the Bastard coming into the world many, many years ago.

Before I left for the Tap Room, I received a voice mail from Will asking who originally sang the song ‘Rock On’. I assumed that it was part of some bar bet and so I sent Will a text message with the answer and asked if he was still at the Tap Room. You see, Will is a bar hopper and I didn’t want to go walking in only to find that he had left.

I didn’t receive an answer and I went to the Tap Room.

When I got there, every parking space around the joint was occupied. I had to park in front of Planned Parenthood hoping to avoid the next up and coming Eric Rudolph.

I walked in and the place was packed. I saw Weather Dave and asked the usual, “What’s going on?”

Dave had his mind occupied with the Rose Bowl game and I waited for Will to stop talking with the beautiful women in front of him. Finally, I asked Will, “Did you get the text that I sent you about ‘Rock On’?”

Will motioned and yelled for me to tell the folks at the crowded table in front of me. I did and they asked if that was his only hit to which I replied, “Yes. Here in the states.” Luckily, they didn’t push the issue of David Essex’s string of hits in England because ‘Rock On’ is the only one that I know the title of.

I scanned the room for anyone that I knew and found no recognizable faces. Dave was interested in the happenings on the television. I couldn’t get the bar to order a beer and since I couldn’t give two squirts of Hersey’s Chocolate Syrup about college football, I told Dave that my work was done and I left.

I made my appearance. And besides, I can be alone at home with something that I want to watch on television. And I won’t have to fend off a wild, partying pack of hyenas in order to satisfy my beer-lust.

And Will, if you’re reading, please don’t take offense.

I got home and turned on some ‘X-Files’ season 3 that I borrowed from Tim Beeman ( ). I think that it was disc four, but I can’t remember. All I know is… Season 3 is the best crop of episodes from that TV show. There are some that are just downright creepy and border on scary. There are also appearances from little known actors at the time like Lucy Liu and Jack Black.

Season 3 of the ‘X-Files’ had the bumper crop.

I got into the show late, somewhere around the fourth season. I dismissed it because all of my ‘Star Wars’ / ‘Star Trek’ geek buddies were into it. If they liked it, how could I possibly dig it? But eventually, they wore me down to where I sat down with them one Friday night and watched it.

And that also opened my mind to the ‘Star Trek’ shows after the original series. I’m not a full-blown geek and I enjoy it without cluttering up my mind with useless ‘Star Trek’ mythology and trivia.

I’ve been checking out ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ on DVD from Netflix. The first season just didn’t grab me and now season two has shown me that it’s worthy of my attention. I almost deleted the ‘Buffy’ series from my queue, but it has redeemed itself.

Oh! The big surprise… I DID receive ‘Firefly’ in the mail yesterday! My hats off to Amazon!

I’m working on converting several people into followers… My mother, Marcia Gan, and Kristina are on the short list.

Ronie Alexander has joined Netflix and she joined my buddy list. I don’t know if she’s looked at my list of movies yet, because it’s a doozy.

The Netflix buddy call out once again…

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  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Not that I'm an expert on The X Files, or anything, but whichever season contains Home has got to be the best season. That episode is one of the more twisted, weird and funny episodes to go down in the annals of TV history.

    As for Buffy, here's my capsule breakdown on the seasons awaiting you:

    Season Three: Just as good as Season Two.

    Season Four: Takes a tiny step backward.

    Season Five: The series could have ended here and it would have been great.

    Season Six: Don't hate it, but I'm missing something in it. Has an excellent episode (the musical), some decent ones tossed in with others that don't sit right before a season-ender that's really good.

    Season Seven: Not as good a series ender as Season Five would have been, but it's still pretty good and the series conclusion is pretty satisfying. Makes Season Five of Angel worth seeing.

    OK, I'm crawling back into the geek cave ... to my Faith and Willow posters.