Monday, November 21, 2005

Lynyrd Skynyrd '1991'

Friday night, I put on a pair of black jeans for a “special” occasion to meet Marcia Gan and Tim Beeman ( ) to see a movie. We were checking out the new Johnny Cash biopic called ‘Walk The Line’.

They too were wearing black.

Tim arrived into Greensboro fairly early and I had to alter my plans just a bit. So Marcia and I met him at the Macaroni Grille for a few cocktails. It was there that I had my first Peroni beer and it wasn’t too bad. Marcia ordered some bread that was smothered in ungodly tomatoes.

Then we headed over to the Grande Theater for the 8:30 show. We ended up in the third row because we couldn’t tear ourselves away from the bar. And, Marcia had some really cool and sexy pants on. You see, Tim and I are red-blooded American males and we dig that sort of thing.

The movie was fantastic! I’ve already given it 5 out of 5 stars on Netflix.

Reese Witherspoon and that Phoenix kid did all their own vocals and damn if it didn’t sound great! I was impressed. And there was one scene near the end when Cash is playing Folsom Prison where the camera is placed on the floor looking up to towards him. I had to do a double take because Phoenix looked just like him. Throughout the entire movie, the kid had Cash’s mannerisms as if they were his own.

I wouldn’t say that it was an uplifting film, but it was a great ride from Cash’s childhood, to the birth of rock n’ roll, and then ending at the Folsom concert. I highly recommend it.

Afterwards, the three of us hit another bar that’s been on my list of checking out, The Tap Room on Battleground Avenue.

I expected it to be a little bit bigger and a lot less noisy. We stood at the bar for a little length of time until a table opened up. The place was filled with twenty and thirty-somethings. And everywhere you looked, there was a girl in low-riding jeans with her panties and crack exposed to the world. Oh thank Confucius!

We had a few beers and went our merry ways for the night, which meant for Marcia, walking a few greyhounds.

I went back home and watched ‘Lost’ that I had taped back on the ninth. The snobby blonde girl died which was fine by me because I didn’t much care for her character.

And again, I watched another episode of ‘Invasion’ and the show REALLY needs to pick it up. It is LOSING me big time! They need a body count or something.

‘Threshold’ returns on Tuesday night because CBS had it switch places with ‘Close To Home’. I think that it’s going to hurt ‘Threshold’ in the long run. I’ll have to employ the use of two VCR’s so I can also tape ‘Nip/Tuck’. Keeping up with all the shows on television is starting to wear me out.

I started watching season 1 of ‘Deadwood’ over the weekend too. The first two episodes were boring me to tears and I actually thought about giving up on the show. But since I had four of the five discs delivered and sitting in my house from Netflix, I decided to stick it out and give it a go.

What do you know? The show started to grow on me. The dialogue is excellent because of the wordplay involved. The language is very regal in a modern kind of Shakespearian way and peppered with course words that contain “C’s” and “K’s” in them. It’s really quite entertaining just to hear the characters talk.

It was also cool to see Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok in the show. It kind of told me something about their lives and put them into perspective, especially Jane.

So, you could say that I came around to ‘Deadwood’ and I am glad that I stuck it out because I’m enjoying it immensely.

One question still remains. What is the “dead man’s hand” in poker?

I know that it was aces over eights in Wild Bill’s hand when he was murdered, but what was the other card?

The first time that I ever heard about the “dead man’s hand” was in the Motorhead song ‘Ace Of Spades’. But Lemmy never educated me on what the hand consisted of. If you know, leave a comment.

Once again, here’s the invitation to be Netflix buddies…


  1. Anonymous12:53 AM

    It's either the Five of Diamonds or Nine of Diamonds. You cocksucking motherfucking sonofabitch fucker. That's Deadwood speak for ol' buddy.

  2. Anonymous8:18 AM