Tuesday, November 01, 2005

KISS 'Disc Four 1983 - 1989 (Box Set)'

This, in my opinion, is not one of my best attempts, but here goes...

Last Saturday night, I went along on the 1075KZL Corona Party Bus and visited some of the area’s drinking establishments. First on our drinking agenda was the Fox and Hound in Winston-Salem.

It’s a very interesting place with televisions in every conceivable crevice, nook, and cranny. And for some reason, every set was showing a sporting event.


I didn’t notice any sets with NTN Trivia on them, because that’s what I’m drawn to. I wouldn’t give a rat’s testicles to watch college football, or college anything for that matter. But by looking around the room, I could see that I am a guy in the minority. I don’t really watch that many sports.

Basketball – pro and collegiate, I just couldn’t care less. It’s a boring sport to me. Tall and sweaty guys all jumping around and showboating in order to purchase big SUV’s, huge homes, and diamonds to put in their every crevice, nook, and cranny. Not to mention all the women they meet in order to have anal relations with because their “woman” at home doesn’t play that game.

Major League Baseball – Since the strike back in the 90’s, I have lost all interest because the players aren’t playing from the heart. They are playing from the wallet and sticking it to the fans. If MLB doesn’t get a salary cap going, the sport is going away within the next 20 years. It’s too slow for television and not very exciting unless you’re in the ballpark. Look at the ratings and attendance at the ballparks; they’ll back me up.

I still attend minor league games because they’re cost effective for me and I like to heckle the hell out of the opposing team. And besides, it’s more than a ballgame. It’s a social event.

Football – Pro football, I like. I don’t care about college football because I don’t have a team that I’m passionate about. The main reason… I never attended college.

I’m passionate about my Washington Redskins and that’s about it. I only watch their games, the play-offs, and maybe, maybe… The Super Bowl.

In hockey, I will watch the Carolina Hurricanes when I can. I like hockey for the violence and intensity of the game. Hell, I can just about watch any team play hockey. I miss the Greensboro Generals. Maybe someday, they’ll return.

And of course, you know that I love me some racing. But I only watch NASCAR. Indy League doesn’t do anything for me because those “cars” don’t look like cars, man. They don’t rub and you know, rubbing is racing. I’ll stick with the “stock cars” thank you very much.

Oh…. Let me get back to the Corona Party Bus.

We hit The Green Room in Kernersville, Fusion in Winston-Salem, and the Pourhouse in Greensboro. We ended the night at the N Club in downtown Greensboro. The place was packed with costumed partiers.

Being close to 40, I did feel a little out of place with the drunken children as they danced to “foreign” music all around me. It was hard to move around in the place. There were steps where you didn’t know there were steps. You just had to follow the person in front of you very closely and notice what they were doing.

I cut into one particular line snaking it’s way through the crowd… I put my hand on a young lady’s shoulder and started to follow her through. She turned around to me and said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“What?” I asked.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she yelled into my ear.

So I said, “Would you rather me grab your ass and follow you down the dark stairs?”

She turned around and we made our way down the stairs. No problems except the one she has with some “old” guy trying to keep from falling on his face.

Overall, I didn’t find the N Club crowd all that friendly. They seemed more concerned with drinking, getting into someone else’s pants, and flashing their naked breasts on stage. That’s right! Two women dancing around in sexy prisoner outfits lifted up their tiny shirts and started playing with each other right there.

Scott Yost from the Rhino Times was there to witness it first hand. His tongue came out and hit the floor. He spent the rest of the evening wiping it off with napkins. Josh from Murphy in the Morning was also there and his eyes fell out of his widened sockets. Luckily, they were turned in to the lost and found.

It was crazy! Who says Greensboro is boring? Those naysayers just aren’t looking in the right places.


  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    I don't get the appeal of the Fox and Hound. Some co-workers and I used to go for lunch sometimes, but we found the service to be abysmal and the food to be mediocre. Feh. Perhaps I'm old. I've never been during prime "pick up" time.

    NTN Trivia is fun. But I'm a trivia whore.

    Sports: ACC Basketball is my passion. Anybody But Carolina. I like to go to college football games (bourbon, coke, boys in tight pants -- what's not to like?). I LOVE Warthogs games in the summertime. There's fun for the entire family. And beer. And boys in tight pants. And fireworks on Fridays.

    The Green Room in K'ville is a fun place to go and watch people, but it's rarely high on the list for a babysitter event. :)

  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I remember a (younger) coworker once wanted me to go with him to the N Club. I saw the age of the patrons going in and it was there that I understood what Dirty Harry meant when he said "A man's got to understand his own limitations." To date, I haven't set foot inside that Romper Room with the ABC license.