Monday, November 28, 2005

Collective Soul 'Youth'

I just got back from the Collective Soul thing for Rock 92 P-1 Listeners and the show was tremendous!

I'm on the air right now for a vacationing Neil Matson and I haven't had the time for a decent update. And, to be quite honest, I don't know when I can get a decent one in this week.

I've got everything from aCollective Soul show at Natty Greene's, an oil change, taking my nephew Preston to Toys 'R Us, and helping Brad "Hinzy" Hines move this week.

I also have a DVD from Netflix sitting on my entertainment center mocking me and my lack of disposable time. It's 'A Simple Plan' and I've never seen it. Over the weekend, I watched 'Meet The Fockers' (it sucked) and 'Kingdom Of Heaven' (so-so).

I had drinks with Christine at the Brassfield Ham's on Saturday night and she let me borrow 'Kingdom Of Heaven'. Wasn't that sweet? All I had to do was drop it in the mailbox today, which by the way, I did.

Anyway... I'll try to make brief posts and a good 'un (depending on your definition) on Thursday.

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  1. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Are you marking down the days until Womb Raider hits your mailbox?