Monday, October 03, 2005

Jason and the Scorchers 'Thunder and Fire'

It’s 12:48 Sunday morning. The “wee” hours have always been the time when I feel most creative. I’ve got the last bottle of Yuengling from the six-pack that I purchased on the way home from a busy day and I’ve parked in front of this computer to write something.

Here goes…

I had a great time emceeing the Tate Street Festival. And I really have to thank WFMY News 2’s Rachel Peterson. She came out and helped me out with the stage announcements. She even stayed a little longer than she should have (she is the weekend meteorologist at News 2). She is awesome!

Okay, that’s enough of my “stalker” talk…

Since last week, September 24th to be exact, I have been craving bourbon. Usually, the only bourbon that goes into my system is the Bourbon Street flavored Buffalo fingers from East Coast Wings ( I have never really been a bourbon drinker. I prefer vodka. I can sip vodka and I can chug it. And, I tend to drink liquor straight.


Well, I feel that if you’re trying to achieve a buzz, then you should work for it. Especially when it comes to liquor. To me, getting a buzz can be a necessary evil in this day and age. I tend to wade the waters of pilsners and ales. But, for some reason, I had a desire for bourbon.

I was going to meet my friend Christine at East Coast Wings last Saturday night (24th for those of you keeping score) and hit the ABC store. I really wanted some bourbon but as I sat there waiting for Christine, I just couldn’t do it. I resisted the urge.

The next day, the craving was still there. Of course, seeing Robby Gordon in the number 7 Jim Beam car during the NASCAR race didn’t stifle the longing for bourbon either.

Still, I resisted for most of the week. Until…. Thursday. That’s when I finally broke down and gave into my craving for bourbon. I purchased Jim Beam of course, but I couldn’t commit to a full fifth. Nope, I settled for a pint size. After all, I had never had this craving before. There was no way that I was going to dive head first into to this pool without checking the depth first. Nah…. I was going to try it out.

Oh, and I used my check card instead of cash.

Jeff Kay of the West Virginia Surf Report ( may have also contributed to my craving. He’s been talking about “Bourbon season” at the compound for a couple of weeks now. His “season” kicks off on November 1st, but he rarely makes it. He does a switch-a-roo from beer to bourbon every fall. Perhaps that has something to do with my craving.

Could it be that I want a buzz quicker than beer can deliver?

I don’t care. I drank me some bourbon over the past two evenings and I liked it. I drink my liquor straight and with no chasers. I like the sting. I like the fact that a slight bit of pain comes from drinking bourbon. I like the way my face muscles contract and contort when Jim Beam hits my lips and tongue. I like the warmth when it hits my stomach. I like the fact that my cheeks heat up and turn red when the alcohol hits my blood stream quickly.

Is that what I truly wanted? Am I a liquor masochist? Do I want pain with my pleasure?

Or am I watching too much ‘Sex and the City’?

Yeah, those questions kind of sounded like Carrie Bradshaw didn’t it?

Bottom line… I like bourbon. I’m thinking that I’m going to drink more of it. I’m going to adopt a rule when it comes to bourbon, much like the rule that I have about coffee.

I won’t drink coffee unless the high temperature for the day is 50 or below. So, 50 and under, it’s bourbon instead of beer. Jim Beams and Coke, baby… That’s what I’m talking about!


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Eh, you should have gone ahead and bought some. I wouldn't have minded you sneaking a few nips during dinner.

  2. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Oh yeah. Bourbon season indeed. College football tailgate parties. Crisp fall days. Bourbon and Coke. Oh, yes, yes, YES. I do love a good stiff bourbon drink.

    As every good Southerner should.

    I believe I'll go have one right now to celebrate the goodness that is bourbon and drink a toast to your bourbon rule. It's a good one.

    Except for mixing Barn Drinks in the summer. I'll tell you the Barn Drink story sometime.

  3. Christine... If I only knew.

    Bebo... You must tell me the story.