Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Chris Whitley 'Din of Ecstacy'

Okay, I know, I promised lots in this update. But…

Today was our fifth day of rain and once again, I just couldn’t get motivated. I love rainy days and I like spending them in bed wrapped up with someone else. But these days, that just ain’t happening. Now it’s just the TV and me.

I received the last disc of season 4 of ‘Sex and the City’ and I went to that ASAP which was difficult. Preston, my 5-year-old nephew, was with me and he wanted to watch it. Sometimes, I get movies for the two of us and this wasn’t the disc.

I tried to explain to him that it was about girls and girl-stuff. That didn’t deter him because he’s already established himself as hetero all the way. But when I told him that one girl always talks about shoes and she’s always buying them, he quickly lost interest. He turned his attention back to Boomerang and ‘The Pink Panther’ cartoons.

Eventually, I got to it and finished season 4. Then it was right back in the mail because “turnaround” is key in the Netflix relationship. On my end, I’m selfish as hell because I only want for me. The three out at a time program lends itself to making one very selfish.

Last Saturday, I purchased a fifth of Jim Beam for the first time and I used my check card. I wasn’t planning of a fifth, but the Robby Gordon shot glass that was attached at the neck was speaking loud and clear. I heard the call and we went home together. We all got very chummy and I got a damn fine buzz before bedtime.

I had never purchase a fifth of bourbon before. I’ve always stuck with vodka. Vodka has never let me down even though it’s a depressant. Yes, I see the irony in that.

I tried the pint size for a trial and things went well with that. Now that I got rid of a fifth in two days time, I’ve decided that I need to take things slower. Just didn’t feel all that great on the second day.

Perhaps I’ll give it another rum… I mean run.

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  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    I have Tequila Season, and it's coming to a close. I can't celebrate Bourbon Season because of a Wild Turkey incident. The statute of limitation still hasn't passed.