Wednesday, September 21, 2005

'The Non-Conformist Cult Radio Show' 11/20/04 cassette tape

'The Non-Conformist Cult Radio Show' was my old college radio show. I played just about any and everything on those airwaves. You would hear hard rock icons like KISS parked next to Medeski, Martin, and Wood. Catpower next to Dwight Yoakam. Kudzu Wish next to the True Brothers. It was anything goes with me.

I taped my shows to critique myself the next day. Now, they are excellent mix tapes as well as an excellent source of embarassment from my early broadcasting days.

Onto the blog, baby...

For the first time in about 15 years, I have been paying attention to what broadcast networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, WB, and UPN are offering for this new fall season. I must say that so far, I’m impressed.

Have you noticed the amount of shows with a sci-fi / supernatural type of premise?

CBS has ‘Threshold’ and something about a chick talking to folks that have refused to go to the other side. I cannot remember the name of that one. Basically, she talks to dead people.

ABC brought us ‘Lost’ last year and I opened my mind enough to catch it in reruns. Now, I’m hooked on that joker. Tonight, after two episodes of ‘Lost’, we’ve got ‘Invasion’. And that show looks like it’s full of possibilities. ‘Night Stalker’ premieres on Thursday night.

NBC offered up ‘Medium’ last year and it took off with the critics and a sizable amount of the audience. They premiered ‘Surface’ on last Monday which I have on tape but haven’t had the time to watch.

The WB has finally scored with me! They’ve always had very crappy shows. But ‘Supernatural’ (Tuesdays) is really good. The only thing that I would change is how the main characters talk. Their dialogue is like high schools punk-asses and not like the twenty-somethings that they are.

Now UPN on the other hand doesn’t have any sci-fi / supernatural shows that I’ve seen. They killed the fantastic ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ last year. But, they do have the new comedy from comedian Chris Rock. From the promos that I’ve seen, it looks damn funny. I don’t know when it premieres.

I asked my friend Sean Whitley a question today… Why are all the networks jumping on the sci-fi / supernatural wagon?

His answer was interesting and I think, dead on. He believes that the network executives have been following this reality show trend for so long, that sci-fi and supernatural type of shows look incredibly creative. The executives are bowled over by anything that requires them to think or where writers of these shows come up with standards from different angles.

‘Threshold’ has MANY redeeming qualities. First of all, there’s a midget genius that walks through life in a hedonistic fashion. He is a boozer who while drinking enjoys looking at women dancing naked.

Secondly, if there were an alien invasion, we would respond to it just like the fine folks on ‘Threshold’.

I cannot remember that last time that was checking my local television listings for network shows that I WANT to watch. It is truly a great time to be alive.

On the FX network last night, the season premiere of ‘Nip/Tuck’. Right out of the dugout, the show hits a home run. If you missed it, you will find it back on again on Friday night.

Did FOX kill off ‘Malcolm in the Middle’?

I haven’t been able to find it. Did they ax it without telling anyone? Are they saving it for a mid-season replacement?

I’m glad that FOX decided to give ‘Arrested Development’ another year. That show has me in stitches with just about every episode. I can’t seem to find where the hell they put ‘The Bernie Mac Show’. Every time a network gets a great show with a black cast, they want to kill it. Meanwhile, pieces of crap like ‘Girlfriends’ seem to run forever.


  1. Anonymous2:13 AM

    I can't post without expressing my dismay at reading nothing of your reaction to the race on Sunday... but on to more important things. I have not been this excited about a new season of tv in... maybe ever. I love tv, but have not watched a network first-run program that was not L&O:SVU in ages. I even drew up a schedule to hang on the wall reminding me what to watch when. It's like my college class schedule, only without the threat of homework, exams tests and rooms full of teenagers. Next step... DVR.
    Unlike you and Mr Whitley, I can't do sci-fi. I did tape Invasion though, just in case. (But I do rejoice in the lack of reality tv. I view it much like Puff Daddy. It killed something I used to love.) I am more excited that it looks like sitcoms are back. Throw in Rome, Prison Break, Reunion and the return of Lost and it truly is a great time to be alive. (Bernie starts this Friday at 8, Malcolm 830 and Everybody Hates Chris premiers tonight. The girl talking to ghosts = The Ghost Whisperer.)

  2. About the race, Kim... To be quite honest, I didn't have time to watch much of it. I saw the last 5 laps at work. Since producing the 'Weather Dave & Will Bastard' show on Sundays, I did'nt have the time. Now that the show is on "hiatus", I'll be watching me some NASCAR.

    Thanks for the heads up on Malcolm and Chris Rock.