Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fall Out Boy 'From Under The Cork Tree'

On Saturday, October 1st, I will be emceeing the Tate Street Festival for the third time in as many years. Why do they keep me on? I’ll never know.

Seriously, the Tate Street Festival is always a blast. Vendors with everything from jewelry to antiques, live music, and the only time during the year that you will find delicious pizza rolls at New York Pizza.

I managed to wrangle WFMY News2 Meteorologist Rachel Peterson to make an appearance when things kick off at noon. The television does not do this woman justice. She is absolutely gorgeous and extremely personable. She’s totally out of my league and I know it. There’s no reason for an intervention.

The Tate Street Festival runs from Noon to 5pm. Music this year is provided by Swamp Boat (bluegrass), Expresso Brazil (Brazilian), Chronis (Greek), Dave Fox Trio (jazz), and Johnny’s Middle Finger (Americana).

Johnny’s Middle Finger is a great name for a band. It’s one of the best band names that I’ve heard in a long time. I wondered where they got it until the True Brothers were talking about them during their CD release party at the Blind Tiger. Then the “dumb smack” to the forehead occurred… Yeah! Johnny’s Middle Finger! Brilliant!

Some years ago, Johnny Cash won a Grammy for Best Country Album of the Year. He had ABSOLUTELY no help from country radio whatsoever. So what does Johnny do? He takes out an ad in Billboard Magazine and gave country radio a one-finger salute. My friend Wally Harrison kept that ad on his fridge for months until he had it framed. Now you can find posters and even T-shirts of that photograph.

They played the Blind Tiger after the True Brothers that night, but I couldn’t make it back. I am SO looking forward to seeing them live this Saturday. And, I’m getting me some New York Pizza rolls!

‘Serenity’ opens on Friday and I don’t know when the hell that I’ll get to see it. I am shooting for opening day in the early afternoon, but we shall see. I have to work JJ McCain’s board for 1075kzl that night and I like to go in relaxed and stress free.

‘Serenity’ is the continuation of the ‘Firefly’ television series. YeeHAaaa!! ‘Firefly’ was an awesome show that wasn’t given a fighting chance from Fox Network. Hell, I didn’t discover it until I borrowed the DVD set from my friend Sean Whitley.

‘Firefly’ is a weird mix of science fiction and western genres. It’s produced and created by Joss Whedon (‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, ‘Angel’) and Ben Edlund (The Tick). There are spaceships and cattle. There are laser pistols and good ol’ fashioned guns that fire lead bullets. It’s the old west in space.

I have had people ask me what I thought about ‘Serenity’. They had no idea that there was a show before this movie. If the trailer (advertisement) for this film grabs you, check out the whole series on DVD. The whole series is on a four-disc set and quite worth it.

Well, that’s all I have time for today. Once again, business is picking up. Don’t forget ‘Night Stalker’ premiering tomorrow night on ABC. I thought that it was last week for some reason. I’m blaming the hurricanes.

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