Thursday, July 28, 2005

'Animal Rites' A mixtape by Kevin McCoy

Just a friendly reminder, the title of each blog is the music that I'm listening to for that day.

It has been a long time since I’ve sat outdoors and appreciated what goes on outside my house.

As I walked out to the mailbox to send ‘Boomtown’ Disc 3 back to Netflix, my senses were suddenly smacked awake. The air felt good and clean after the previous night’s rain and the sun wasn’t quite up in the sky to give us our daily summer beating. The air even smelled fresh and renewed.

I walked back to the house and sat down on the back porch to take everything in. I could hear the birds chirping from all directions. They sounded as if they were busy with their day and having a good time. The light wind blew through the trees shaking off the remaining raindrops that were clinging to the leaves. I could hear dogs frantically barking in the distance. I wondered why they were getting all stressed out on this beautiful morning. Then I heard the reason… It was the roaring diesel engine and clatter of a garbage truck making the rounds through the neighborhood.

I laughed to myself.

Maybe this is what THOSE morning people are always talking about? Could this be what those outdoorsy/camping type of people love about the outdoors? Have I been missing out on this for almost 40 years?

Just as I was contemplating all these new thoughts and feelings… Nature, in the form of an ant, crawled into my shoe and down my sock-less foot. The air-conditioner sprang to life with noisy disregard for the quiet goings on of this morning.

Yeah… I went inside to watch ‘Lost’ that I had taped.

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