Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Johnny Diesel & The Injectors 'Johnny Diesel & The Injectors'

Ahhhhh…. I’m now fresh and sweaty from my workout.

I’m sure that’s not something that you wanted to read, but blogs are all about honesty. Right?

I don’t really have any notes written down in order to bring up a decent blog so I’m going to wing it. It will be like a stream of consciousness kind of thing. I’ll just write about the first thing that pops into my melon.

I could talk about WFMY News 2’s Rachel Peterson. How about that?

Rachel came up to the station to hang out with me on my overnight show for a second time. She’s real cool and she's as HOT as Hades.

I was putting together some commercials and when I finished, I just happened to notice the time. It was only a few minutes from the time that Ms. Peterson said that she was going to arrive. I placed the finished production orders in their proper place and went upstairs. My first step up onto the ground floor landing, there were loud knocks at the front door. That sort of thing is a little unusual even if you consider the crack heads that wander through the neighborhood. Most people just ring the door buzzer even during business hours when the office is open.

I passed through the lobby door and noticed Ms. Peterson’s car outside. I then opened the front door to let her in.

I should have checked the door’s surface with the palm of my hand like a fireman. Because on the other side of that door was a raging hot fire dressed in tomato red. Rachel nearly knocked me to the ground with the heat waves coming from her direction.

I’m certain that I was stumbling around with my words like a paraplegic thrown into the rain to recreate a Gene Kelly dance scene. But, Ms. Peterson merely dismissed her appearance by saying that she was just getting off from work.

Trust me, there are not enough syllables in “hubba hubba” to describe how she looked.

We then hoofed our way down to Natty Greene’s for dinner. It was a nice evening and we decided to dine alfresco (That means “outside” for those of you that are as uncouth as me). I noticed people looking at her and deciding for themselves if she was the lady on the news. I didn’t notice Rachel being aware of the pointing, hushed voices, and staring by the folks around us.

I asked her about it later when we were on the air. She was surprised that I noticed it and she explained to me that she notices it too and it’s all part of the job. She finds it very flattering to be recognized.

I asked her if it would be all right to have a T-shirt printed up for myself the next time that she would be willing to be seen in public with me. The T-shirt would read… “I’m Eugene from Rock 92. Yes! You’re seeing me with WFMY News 2 Meteorologist Rachel Peterson. Tell everyone that you know! Even my mother.”

She laughed, but I don’t think she knows how serious I am.

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  1. Anonymous11:31 PM

    And Rachel Peterson should get a T-shirt that reads Ask me about my restraining order against Eugene.