Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Doors 'Morrison Hotel'

Please accept my apologies about the lack of updating since last week.

On Friday, I dropped by Jonathan Everett’s place of employment to pick up a PC. If you recall, Jonathan and I were in a high school rock band together and we’ve managed to remain friends all these years. I’m not sure, but I think that we have known each other since the late seventies.

I dropped by Hardee’s for a Frisco Thickburger to eat when I got there. I asked if he wanted anything and he said no. There… I did my part for social etiquette.

We hung out in his office chatting online with Rhea in Wilmington about what she and I had been wearing that day. That’s my way of flirting with Rhea and I’m sure that she finds it more annoying these days since she’s all in love and crap.

I wanted to see Teresa (I hope that I spelled that right) and Connie before I left.

We dropped by Teresa’s office and got on her nerves for about 10 minutes. Then we dropped by Connie’s office so that I could say “hello”.

Connie and I used to work in the very same building when it was a Capitol Records distribution center known as EMD Distribution.

Jonathan told me what was wrong with the PC and it wasn’t much. I had all the software packed up and Jonny-boy walked out with me. I got in my truck and leaned over to retrieve something on the passenger side floorboard. I just so happened to get a look at myself in the rearview mirror and what did I see on my upper lip?


That joker was all big, white, and puffy. It was sitting there on my lip in plain view. Even Jose Felicano could see that it needed to be taken care of.

Why didn’t Jonathan tell me? Why???

I wasn’t trying to make any moves on Teresa or Connie. The pimple, as most of you know, can be a source of embarrassment no matter what the social situation.

I just found it odd that Jonathan didn’t tell me about this extra human head of gunk growing and festering on my upper lip.

Later on that evening, I was watching my niece Chloe. She has a problem dealing with people leaving her and of course she cried and cried.

I’m trying to watch the final two episodes of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ while she’s carrying on with her tear making. Finally, she settled into a big chair and stared at the television for at least 10 minutes. I couldn’t figure out what she found interesting on ‘Enterprise’. But, there she sat, quiet and content as we both watched how the series was going to play out.

Then she snapped out of it and jumped on some toys that were scattered across the floor to play with. Around eight thirty, she was sleeping on the floor with toys all around her.

Good for me, good for her. I could give ‘Enterprise’ my full attention.

The series didn’t end the way as rumored. Riker and Troy were there, that much was true.

The rumor was that Riker and Troy had created ‘Enterprise’ in a holodeck program for their amusement. It turned out to be false, thank Buddha.

The show actually tied in to an old episode of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ concerning Riker’s twelve year secret about the Starship Pegasus’ mission. Riker had been dealing with the concealment of the mission from Captain Picard. He was going through the last few hours of the Enterprise’s logs to make a decision on whether he should tell Picard.

I won’t get into all of the details, but something happened that I didn’t like. They killed off my favorite character, Commander Charles Tucker III. He’s more commonly called by his nickname, Trip. He was the chief engineer kind of like Scotty on the old 60’s series.

He sacrificed himself to kill off some intruders that were after a former Andorian (the blue guys with antennae sprouting from their foreheads) Captain.

Actually, Tucker’s demise was pretty cool. He told the intruders “to go straight to hell” just before he took them all to the other side.

Why don’t they just end a ‘Star Trek’ series with massive destruction of the ship and killing of the crew?

That would seem more appropriate to me and it has a greater sense of closure than leaving it open ended for movie sequels. It would have been more satisfying if something were to happen to Archer and his crew.

Maybe, that’s just me.

We did learn one thing about Data on that episode. He’s back!

In the STTNG movie, ‘Nemesis’, Data sacrificed himself to save Captain Picard. And before doing that, he downloaded everything from his memory into his “brother”. It was kind of nice knowing that Data lives on.

I went to a friend’s house at about 1:30 am. I was picking him up along with another friend to take to RDU Airport. They were going to catch a plane to Alaska for a sister’s high school graduation.

I was driving the crazy wife’s van and that was fine by me. My Ranger wouldn’t be able to handle everyone comfortably.

I got in the seat and adjusted all the mirrors and made myself comfortable for the hours behind the wheel. Before we got a half of a mile from his house, I switched on the radio.

My friend said, “My wife told me to tell you that if you change the station, you need to put it back where she left it.”

“Listen,” I said. “I’m fulfilling your wife’s obligation by taking you to the airport. I’ve adjusted the seat and mirrors for our safety and she’s gonna have to deal with that. I don’t think one little preset button on the radio is going to send her over the edge.”

“I’ve done my part,” he said.

I knew what he meant.

His wife has a fear of driving on the highway. She won’t take the highway to save 15 minutes. She also claims that she has night blindness. Which, by the way, has not been proven by an eye care professional.

I don’t know how he puts up with it. I don’t think that I could live with someone that loco. He must be superhuman.

My “Friends List” on Netflix has really spiked with one friend. Brad was the only one who hopped on board with my plea for friends.

Again, if you want to join up as a friend, you’ll need my email address.


I’ll try to update tomorrow. Things have blown completely out of my control with my schedule here and at home over the last week. But, I do want to thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I'm the only one??

    Great. Now I feel like I just sat on the couch in the corner with Mohamet, Jugdish, Sidney and Clayton. Might as well help myself to some more fucking punch and cookies.

  2. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Uh...you had a pimple on your lip?

    I thought it was a second Frisco Thickburger...:D


  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    P.S. Theresa dude...not Teresa

  4. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I think you and "his wife" just enjoy tormenting each other. That's sad. Surely, there is a way you two can be civil and talk about something that won't rankle anyone's nerves or not talk at all. People need to be nicer to each other.

  5. Please accept my apologies, Theresa. And fill free to spell my name like this... "Eujean"

  6. I can tell that you haven't spent too much time with the crazy wife, Moonbeam.

    You see, I don't enjoy torturing this woman. I have tried and tried to get along better with her. She just won't have it. She continues to think that she has the answers for everyone even though her life is out of control.

    Also, when I'm confronted with major BS, I have to blow her out of the water.

    Bottom line... She's nuts.