Saturday, April 16, 2005

Various Artists 'Underground Radio Volume High'

I have finished season 1 of ‘24’. I must say that it ROCKS!!!

The season wrapped up how I would have done it. I’m not going to say how it ended because I don’t want to piss off the people out there who haven’t seen it.

I found many surprises as the season was coming to a close and I was impressed. Usually, I take the stance of a prick that has seen it all. But, I fully admit that they got me near the end. There were some totally unexpected twists.

My friend Brad speculates that the show won’t be able to maintain the same pace with the same kind of twists.

I have to agree with him. I haven’t seen anything airing on television so, I don’t really know.

Sure, I’ll see a broadcast when I’m channel surfing, but I don’t stop. I don’t have any clues about what they’re doing on the show. And quite frankly, I don’t want to know until I can sit down and watch it all unfold.

I like being able to rent a season set of DVD’s from a television show. I can watch at my leisure and I don’t have to track down that “special” time crap that the networks are always trying to do. Eventually, I plan to catch up on all the happenings and will be there as each show airs in the near future.

Here’s the best thing about ‘24’… There’s no theme to the show. No wasted time with a theme played over some stills or played over Jack Bauer running, jumping, or shooting. You get a brief summary. You hear eggshells being crushed along with a digital clock going haywire as the number twenty-four comes into view. Then it’s a cannonball into the pool. It’s great.

I also like the way they show up to four different scenes shaping up on the same screen. It’s like the producers wanted the show not to waste any time like the characters attitudes about clock watching.

I can’t really complain about ‘24’ at all. And, if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ is winding down. Last night’s episode was very cool. There were three scantily clad ladies with green skin. Does that ring any bells?

You may remember the sexy green lady from the original series. Actually, I think that there were two of them. One girl had short hair and the other had shoulder length. Anyways, the ladies were hot. Preston was watching with me and he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. He’s 4 and a half and he’s strongly hetero. He knows what he likes too.

Judging from his reaction to a contestant on ‘The Price Is Right’ the other day, he’s a breast man. Well-endowed women get his attention right away.

The green ladies were wearing very little. They had on sexy slave outfits like the one Princess Leia wore in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

Again, ‘Enterprise’ is in my humble opinion, the best of the Star Trek series. It won’t be on the air much longer so tune in Friday nights at 8pm to see it. Season one of ‘Enterprise’ comes out in May on DVD. I’ll be renting them. I missed the first two seasons due to my ignorance and hatred to anything associated with the Trekkie types.

To those Trekkies out there, I apologize. Once I put aside my disdain for ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, my mind opened up and I can now enjoy all the shows.

I still don’t own anything with a Star Trek logo. So, there’s no reason for an intervention.

Sorry about the shortness of this update, but it’s better than no update at all. I didn’t do a damn thing this past Friday. I thought about writing down some notes, but I just wanted to enjoy the day off for a change.

Tune in Monday; I’m sure we’ll have lots to discuss.


  1. Anonymous9:21 PM

    The weird thing is that Manny Coto, who produces Enterprise, is going to be the producer on '24' next season since Enterprise has finished...

  2. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Come on, Eugene. Didn't the fact that Darth Vader turned out to be the bad guy in Season One of "24" seem a little far-fetched?